Chathur Mukham Malayalam Movie Download

Chathur Mukham

  • 02 hrs 18 mins
  • 2021
  • UA

Manju Warrier
Horror, Thriller
Ranjeet Kamala Sankar, Salil Menon
Dawn Vincent
Release date
08 Apr 2021
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(ചതുർ മുഖം) Thejaswini, a young woman, buys a cheap phone after she loses her old one in an accident. Soon, she is terrorised by a malevolent supernatural entity through the phone, making her seek help. Clement is a retired professor from the Kerala Agricultural University who has also been an avid science enthusiast all his life. Antony, a young man has come to meet Clement wit...h a peculiar problem. He believes that Clement can find a solution to this 'never seen before' phenomenon. Over a cup of tea, Antony details the story of a young, bright woman – Thejaswini. She is a woman of today's times being a complete social media addict and constantly attached to her phone. Together with Antony, she runs a CCTV solutions business at Thiruvananthapuram. Thejaswini is from a middle-class family and believes that every girl should have a good education and attain financial stability before her nuptials. Thejaswini's parents are getting older and her sole sibling is an elder brother Bijesh who is not on talking terms with her. While attending a 'Mudiyattam' ritual at the Temple, an ‘accident’ renders Thejaswini’s smart phone useless. With the intention of having a cheaper phone as a stand by for the time being, Thejaswini comes across an ‘unheard’ brand of phone on a local reseller website. The phone has attractive features, a low price and an accompanying free gift. Soon as she purchases the phone and it arrives via courier, unnatural events start to happen around her. These occurrences which seem way out of the normal, start to impact Thejaswini's work, self and even her body, so much so that she tries to get rid of the new purchase by various means, only to find it pulling her back to itself with greater force. Thejaswini suspects that there is something much deeper behind these events and that its somehow connected to her. She along with Antony set out on the journey to unravel the mystery behind the phone. What the eventual search leads to is life-threatening but Thejaswini and Antony depend on Clement to find a closure to this problem. Clement though shaken due to the ‘unexplainable’ incidents, consults his friend Ramachandran who advises him to keep aside the ego of a scientist and accept the issue to arrive at an out-of-the-box solution. Will the trio able to arrive at a workable solution and execute it successfully before the supernatural phenomenon seizes their lives completely forms rest of the story. Read more